Excel Fundamentals

Excel Fundamentals

Freeze Panes

When you freeze panes, you keep specific rows or columns visible when you scroll in the worksheet. For example, you might want to keep row and column labels visible as you scroll.


Imagine that you're looking at a worksheet with thousands of rows of data, showing data for every school in the country. You need to find all the results from one particular LA or region, but they're scattered throughout the worksheet, and you don't have much time. Well then, it's time you learned how to filter in Excel. Filtering selects just the data you need and hides all the rest. So you see only what you want to see, and you see it at a click. Why read through rows and rows of data to spot the information you're looking for, when Excel finds it fast for you?

Born out of frequently asked questions, most-wanted topics and lessons learned, this course will deliver all the skills you need to break down large education data sets in Excel to provide accurate, tailored and relevant evidence in order to draw accurate conclusions quickly.

Use the right tools for the job, add flare and efficiency to your spreadsheets and have Excel do the work for you.

Finally, you’ll see how to best present and share your conclusions using the charting tools, colour coding and advanced formatting.



  • Basic formulas
  • Using Autosum
  • The Status bar
  • Referencing cells


  • Duplicate an entire worksheet
  • Inserting and resizing columns
  • Formatting cells
  • Hide unwanted rows / columns of information
  • Present data in a chart

What previous attendees had to say:

The best CPD I have undertaken in a very long time! Franco was patient but also delivered some very complex methods in a logical and user friendly way. I left feeling enthused and have already put into practise what I learnt on the journey home!

The use of Excel is integral to our roles and I have found this training to be outstanding

Paul Shanks, Deputy Senior School Improvement Adviser
The National Strategies

I am just writing to thank you for the excellent cpd you gave me yesterday. Being able to tailor the training to my work as a programme lead was extremely beneficial and had true meaning and purpose. I wish I had done it 2 years ago and it will save me so much time in the long run.

Linda Rundle, Senior Adviser: Behaviour, Attendance and SEAL Team
The National Strategies

I would recommend the course to anybody who uses Excel

The trainer was very open to questions and solving queries related to personal roles

As a result of the training I am better prepared for discussions with LA colleagues e.g. sharper focused on what the LAs need to act on and where resources need to be deployed

Vinod Hallan
Strategic Childrens Services