Intermediate Excel

Intermediate Excel

This course is all about unleashing the hidden power in Excel and moving towards having Excel do much more of the work for you…

Pivot tables

Share in my proven approach to taming this much feared tool. Learn to interrogate and ask meaningful questions of the data using this powerful, interactive querying tool. Once you’ve got the answers you need, learn to express those results in a flexible pivot chart.

Conditional editing and lookups

IF statements

  • Have Excel automatically write, calculate and edit the value in one cell based on that of another cell
  • Use advanced or ‘nested’ if statements to test against multiple criteria and calculate multiple outcomes


  • Band and categorise information, including the conversion of numeric scores into letter grades or predefined comments based on your own custom criteria
  • Have Excel call up matching dataset records to automatically complete forms based on one common detail such as a reference number or LA code

Automated text editing

  • Split a single text entry across multiple columns – either at a set position, or wherever a specified character (such as the @ symbol or a comma) appears
  • Use formulas to combine multiple text entries into one sentence or text value. Once mastered, this method can automatically generate written reports on your behalf!

What previous attendees had to say:

Jan, Linda and I all wanted to express our thanks for the excellent session you ran for us yesterday. You were really responsive to our needs and genuinely customised the day for us. The way you helped us through some of the complexity and helped with solutions to some of the things we were trying to do was first rate! There was a real clarity to your explanations and you had the knack of making difficult processes look easy and building our confidence to carry them out. We all said how much we had enjoyed the day and it will have a significant impact on our work, particularly in targeting resources more sharply.
Jeremy Richardson, Senior School Improvement Adviser, The National Strategies

A flexible, friendly and thoroughly professional session. Franco was patient, encouraging and demanding too. A great session.

Thank you Franco – you have already made a real difference to my professional practice. I am thoroughly looking forward to the next session

Steve Baker: Regional Adviser, B&A and SEAL
The National Strategies

Very easy to follow, step by step, clearly explained and demonstrated in very simple terms.
Useful and very professionally presented
Jonathan Matthews, The National Strategies