Introduction to Macros in Excel

Introduction to Macros in Excel

Unlike other lecture/theory-based macro courses out there, this is a very hands-on, project based course. Through demonstration, discussion, and plenty of exercises, you’ll learn to automate repetitive tasks in Excel, creating custom buttons that can open complex functionality to less able colleagues – as well as saving you time. Using macros will not only increase efficiency, but will also help improve data consistency and accuracy.

Starting at the most basic, we’ll record actions we take on screen in order to allow Excel to re-implement them later. We’ll then look at assigning your own keyboard shortcuts to your chosen tools and even create custom buttons to run your macros.

For added control, we’ll then take your recorded macros and edit the code behind them to allow for toggle / conditional logic, such as running the macro only on cells that contain a certain value, are duplicates, or are blank.

We’ll then look at how to accept user input, as well as providing feedback to the user – whether that’s with a dialogue box, or through typing onto the worksheet automatically.

Finally, we’ll cover loop functionality, which will allow you to repeat all or part of your macro for all text in a column / row – allowing you to cater for datasets of any size.

You’ll leave the course confident and ready for your next project. You’ll be armed with all the relevant building blocks, code snippets and useful example macros.

What previous attendees had to say

The trainer was excellent and explained concepts well, with practical guidance that could be easily understood… I would recommend this course to everybody

Ian Jupp: Project Accountant, The National Strategies