Podcasting with Powerpoint

Podcasting with Powerpoint

This hugely popular course will provide you with all the tools you need – including your own customised podcast template and a free microphone headset.

Looking for the best way to share your presentations remotely after the session or with colleagues that couldn’t attend?

Rather than rely on a colleague trying to fill in the gaps between your bullet points and speaker notes, learn to narrate and time your slides, better illustrate them, and publish in a usable format for sharing.

What previous attendees had to say

…This has so many real-life uses in the classroom…

  • As a way of addressing Functional Skills in English through use of real audiences e.g. to discuss text with a neighbouring school
  • Different audiences; developing reading skills as a way in for all – talk for learning
  • Pupils evaluating own use of spoken language– not what said but how… (too much to fit here)

Sally-Ann Harding: Secondary English Regional Adviser, The National Strategies

Thank you so much for yet another empowering session

Marilyn Miners: Regional Advisor, Education Field Force, The National Strategies